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by Jerry Whitehurst

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Jerry Whitehurst

I began turning wood as a hobby in 1995, and have been pursuing the art ever since. However, my interest in wood began much earlier when I built my own home in the woods, with my wife Andrea. I like to tell friends and acquaintances that I had my hands on every board in our house…and many boards there are, for this handmade house is made with seven different kinds of wood! So it seemed natural that a hobby would develop into a second career when I retired from telephone work in 1996. There’s a new excitement every time I find new pieces of wood (especially burls) and discover their hidden beauties unveiled as I turn. I can honestly say that after all these years, I have finally found something I love doing!

Over the years I have taken classes from well-known turners through the Tidewater Turners Guild, the Hermitage Museum, John C. Campbell Folk School, & Arrowmont. I have taught woodturning classes for the Tidewater Turners, John C. Campbell Folk School, Hermitage Museum and give private lessons in my shop. I have done demonstrations at the Virginia Woodturning Symposium, the North Carolina Woodturning Symposium, the New York Woodturning Symposium, as well as, woodturning clubs in North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, and Maryland. I have also participated in all of the regional art shows and won numerous awards.

While at the Port Warwick show I met a glass blower and became intrigued with learning this new art form, deciding to incorporate glass with my wood and alabaster turnings. For three years I studied with Ed Francis at the Visual Art Center of TCC and as an independent project, built my own portable glass shop. I am anxious to broaden my knowledge and skill of this art form and would like to take more advanced classes at a glass blowing center such as the Corning Glass Institute.

You will most often find me in my shop in Pungo working with wood from all over the world. I am always eager to open up a piece of wood and discover the hidden beauty inside.

Jerry Whitehurst

Galleries and Shows

Harbor Gallery | Norfolk, VA

Richard Stravitz Sculpture and Fine Arts Gallery | Virginia Beach, VA

The Artists Gallery | Virginia Beach, VA

London Square Fine Art Gallery | Norfolk, VA

Phoebes Art Gallery | Hampton, VA

Peninsula Fine Arts Center | Newport News, VA

Hermitage Museum | Norfolk, VA

Kane Marie Gallery | Virginia Beach, VA

Riverview Gallery | Portsmouth, VA

Sand Sisters Gallery | Virginia Beach, VA

Blue Skies Gallery | Hampton, VA

Contemporary Art Center | Virginia Beach, VA

New World Festival of the Arts | Manteo, NC

Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival | Newport News, VA

Hampton Bay Days | Hampton, VA

Boardwalk Art Show | Virginia Beach, VA

Stockley Gardens Arts Festival | Norfolk, VA

Seawall Art Show | Portsmouth, VA

Gosport Art Show | Portsmouth, VA

Quiet Waters Art Show | Annapolis, MD

Swansboro Arts Festival | Swansboro, NC

John C Campbell Fall Festival | Brasstown, NC

Custom Items

Pieces from Old Family Trees

Now turning custom pieces out of old family trees. These make wonderful gifts! For more information, please click on Contact Me

Custom Urns

Now turning custom urns. For further inquiries, please click on Contact Me

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